Cloth Diapering: The different kinds of diapers

Prefold? Pocket? AIO or AI2? As if it isn’t enough to learn about all of the potential dangers in pregnancy (deli meat, really?), one thing you need to understand before embarking on a cloth diaper journey  will be the different types of diapers. I will briefly go into the different kinds of diapers, as well as where you can find them.


When you think of cloth diapers, you probably think of these. These are a few layers of cloth, in a rectangular shape, that you fold around the baby, then secure with a pin, or Snappi. Prefolds have more layers of cloth in the middle, where as flats are the same amount of layers, all over. Contour diapers are shaped to fit the contours of the baby. Fitted diapers are like contour diapers, but have elastic around the legs, and sometimes have snaps for easy fastening.

This method is not waterproof, so you will need a cover for wetness protection.


  • Less Expensive, usually $18 a dozen without covers
  • Easier to clean-wash, hang dry, bleach if necessary
  • Tons of options as far as how to fold, which material or what brand


  • There is a learning curve-it will take a bit of trial and error
  • People are afraid. Many fathers and parents will prefer to just use a sposie since its more user friendly.
  • Leakage. You will see and feel wetness quicker, which could be a good thing for some.



Pocket diapers look like a disposable diaper, made with cloth instead. The outside layer is waterproof, while the inside layer is microfleece. You then stuff an insert, looks like a feminine pad made out of microfiber, bamboo or another absorbent material, into the diaper to catch the wetness. AIO (or All In One) diapers do not have a pocket and AI2 (or All In Two) have an insert that is directly against the baby’s skin.


  • More wetness protection
  • Ability to double up on inserts to additional wetness protection
  • Cute patterns/colors


  • More expensive, some range fro $7 to $30 each
  • Bulky-especially when using on premature or small babies
  • Harder to find purely organic, easier to find synthetic materials

5 Months Old Update

Today the babies turn five months old! I’m not one of those parents who describe their babies’ age in weeks, I guess 21 weeks? Math is confusing and I hate it, contrary to what Papa says.

Brother Bear

He is getting stronger and stronger by the day! His favorite thing to do right now is to eat his toys. He gets so frustrated when he can’t bring the toy to his mouth. He still loves to kick, I joke that he will be in the revival of River Dance. Lately, I’ve noticed that he likes sound the most. Singing, bells chiming, and most of all, silly voices.  He has the happiest disposition, smiling most of the day. Even though he can’t roll over, he is trying. Apparently his head wants to roll, but his body just doesn’t listen.

Care Bear

Since she was born, she has had a lot to say. At first it was grunts, but lately it has become sounds. She has discovered pitch, and will send her voice up and down when she is happy. She will say these long drawn out words, and then look to us to see if we understand. She also seems to have more core strength than her brother. She loves being in the action, especially when we are eating.

Parent Bears

Look out world! We are no longer running on 3 hours of sleep.

With the purchase of Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuits (look for a review soon), we have been able to get a solid 11 hours of baby free time. That means we get a meal together, one hour of violent, angry television, and a good 8 hours of sleep!

Cloth Diapering: Is it right for you?

Happy 2014! To start off the month,  I’d like to give a few glimpses into the world of Cloth Diapering. I have been using cloth for about two and a half months, so I am by no means an expert in long term use. But I am an expert on how to START using cloth.

First off, is it right for you? Here are a few things to think about when deciding if it is right for you.

1. Upfront cost

Plan to spend a few hundred to get set up for diapering. Depending on what style you choose (stay tuned for a post of choosing your cloth diapering style), you can get diapers from $5-7 up to $30 each. Multiply that by how many changes in a day (8-12 for a newborn) and you have a decent starting number.  With my two, I had enough to do laundry every two days plus some extra for wiggle room.   I spent around $200 for my initial diapering supply. That is not including things like diaper pails, liners, sprayer and detergent.

2. Time Invested

I stay at home, which helps tremendously. We live in an area that is behind on the diapering game. Many cities have diapering services that will launder your dirties while providing clean ones. If you want to go that route, go ahead and factor that into the daily expenses.

My time spent washing, drying and preparing the diapers is negligible. At first I thought I would drown in laundry. But it isn’t much more effort than doing a load of towels or clothes, even though I run three wash cycles per load. To wash diapers, you need three runs. One on cold to rinse the nasty off, one on hot with detergent to get them squeaky clean, and one on cold without detergent to rinse the soap from the diapers. Hang the covers up to dry, throw the liners in the dryer overnight and you are good to go. I run the wash through out the wash day, and the next day you are good to go.

If you are still on board, the next step is to start planning and preparing! Stay tuned for upcoming posts.

There and back again…and what we have learned

We are so fortunate to be here, celebrating the 4 month birthday of the babies. Before they were born, I scoured the interwebs, looking for advice and wisdom of many “been there, done that” parents. Unlike other new mothers, I welcomed the advice from “been there, done that” parents.

So World, here is what we learned.

1. Don’t take time for granted! I expected to be pregnant for at least 36 weeks. We had no problems during the pregnancy, with the exception of a few light headed episodes that I can only attribute to working 60 hours a week. Then at 32 weeks,  all of the sudden, my body was decided it was done with this baby making business. Even though my babies were healthy, I was not. I wished for the extra four weeks so badly it hurt. Now, it see it as I got four extra weeks with my kids, rather than being robbed four weeks of my pregnancy.

2. For the longest time, I was afraid to do anything related to the babies because I didn’t want to jinx it. Yes,  I am an adult,  I now understand that clicking on the “buy it” button had no bearing on the health of the two little raspberry sized babies growing inside. But at the time, I was so superstitious about everything  I did,  I was afraid of any misstep, be it real or imaginary. Buy the cute Star Wars onesie if it helps you deal with the news. Let yourself get giddy.

3. If I could do it over again, I would prepare our lives for the babies’ as soon as we saw that second line. I was fortunate that family came to help me get things ready during the last few weeks, but even so, we weren’t prepared as a couple. Looking back now, I feel like I should have spend time with my husband enjoying the process. We were in such shock that it took a good three or four or eight months to get prepared for the idea of bringing new life into this world that we forgot to celebrate it.